Member Reviews

55 votes
Mark Carnes United States of America, Sandston
I will bid again in 2 weeks. Thank You.
louis meyer United States of America, lafayette
I did not win item i was interested in and i am currently not interested in any other item at this time, but will be watching inventory patiently. thank you Louis Meyer
James Bohon United States of America, Niceville
Great system for viewing and hopefully buying cars and almost anything that rolls and some things that don't. The customer service reps were wonderful at helping this first time bidder getting initially processed and I would only recommend applying a week before you might be bidding as I almost didn't make it in time. Although I didn't get my car, the experience was great and I will try again.
Wes Martin United States of America, Hopewell
A lot of great vehicles love it!
Jonathan Campbell United States of America, Midland
Great, will be coming back for more rides.
Kristina Vilimaite Lithuania, Klaipeda
Bogdan Mihoc United States of America, New Orleans
It was great. I'll use it again in the future. Thank you.
Joaquin Santecchia United States of America, Buckeye
Great, but I dont want to buy anything right now. Thank you guys
Daniel Gauerke Belvidere, Illinois
even though I didn't end up winning the bid on the car you helped me bid on while my account was awaiting appoval, I still amiss greatly appreciative of all the help and willingness. I definitely give you the rating of 5/5 starts. I didn't win the last bid on that car but I found another one I will surely bid on. I will definitely keep using your auction sight for quite a few years because the customer service has been terrible at all the other sights I have tried
Joshua Koontz United States of America, Temple
Decent site, easy to use

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