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    James Bohon

    United States of America, Niceville

    Great system for viewing and hopefully buying cars and almost anything that rolls and some things that don't. The customer service reps were wonderful at helping this first time bidder getting initially processed and I would only recommend applying a week before you might be bidding as I almost didn't make it in time. Although I didn't get my car, the experience was great and I will try again.

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    edward Carl Cettina

    United States of America, merritt island

    Great company. I am looking forward to purchasing more items on a regular basis.

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    Kazakstan, ALMATY

    The service was good, manager very helpful.

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    Stephen McFall

    United States of America, Douglasville

    Great experience. I wish you would extend the 5 days to pickup to seven days.

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    United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

    process very clear to everybody

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    Anthony Sapp

    United States of America, Columbia

    I love this type of stuff!!! Great job.

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    Kendall Van Dusen

    United States of America, Lander

    What a great organization!!! We had a BLAST Bidding and the we conversed with about the process were kind and helpful. We lost the auction for our dream truck but will be back if another pops up FOR SURE!!!

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    Dany Ery

    United States of America, Orlando

    That was a great experience .

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    Bryan Brisson

    United States of America, Maryville

    Very helpful every step of the way

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    Lydia Thompson

    United States of America, Goose creek

    Got the van we needed

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