Политика конфиденциальности


Last updated: February 1, 2016


This policy is to disclose to users of SCA AUCTIONS, LLC’s site the methods by which SCA gathers, handles and uses information obtained through registrations, email correspondence, contents, newsletters, announcements or completion of forms via the site and related entities. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information gathered by SCA AUCTIONS, LLC from entities other than this site.


By accessing and using the site, the user agrees to be bound by all policies within this Privacy Policy. If the user does not agree with the Privacy Policy for any reason, he or she must exit and discontinue use of this site.


SCA AUCTIONS, LLC may alter this Privacy Policy at any time without notification. It is advised by SCA AUCTIONS, LLC that users frequently visit this page and policy to determine if any changes have been made. If, for any reason, a user does not agree with the Privacy Policy or the changes made thereto, the user is advised to immediately terminate use of the site by exiting the site immediately and by not providing any personally identifiable information.


Personally Identifiable Information


Personal information is not required to browse this site; however, there will come a time when in order to have full access to the services provided by this site, users will be required to provide personally identifiable information. It will become apparent that such information needs to be shared by having to fill out a form where personally identifiable information will be asked to be given to the site for the purposes of joining contests, making purchases, receiving newsletters or receiving promotional emails. Personal names, email addresses, home addresses, shipping addresses, age and phone numbers may be collected for the purposes of completing transactions, sending promotional materials, entering contests, joining mailing lists, subscribing to newsletters, viewing auction lists or receiving information for the purposes of learning about new products and website changes or answering customer inquiries. It is SCA’s policy to notify users as to when and why such information will be gathered. It is also SCA’s policy that the information gathered can only be used for the purposes for which it was obtained. If for any reason a user refuses to share information, the site can still be accessed and browsed, but placing orders, participating in contests and receiving information will be hindered or not available for those who have chosen to not provide personally identifiable information.


Once personally identifiable information is shared through this site, you will automatically be placed on our mailing list where you will receive communication regarding to new products, product information, sales, deals, contests and special offers. If you do not wish to receive our emails, you may unsubscribe at any time via the link in any email from us or by contacting “Member Support.” SCA AUCTIONS, LLC maintains a “no spam” policy and ensures your email will not be given to any third parties without your consent or otherwise stated in this agreement.


Member Support is also available in the event you want your information deleted from our system or changed within our system. Every possible attempt will be made to implement your decision.


Collective Data and Cookies


SCA fully discloses that our site deposits “cookies” into a visitor’s computer. Cookies send information to your web browser. This information will be stored within your computer. Cookies cannot read the files on your computer. Cookies are also unable to read cookies from another site nor can they cause any alterations to your computer. Cookies send information back to your web browser when you return to a specific site in order to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies allow SCA to know what parts of the site are frequented most and how often. Cookies cannot read any personally identifiable information.


Third-party vendors may use cookies to obtain your browsing history in order to post our advertisements on other sites. You may stop this action from happening by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page.


You can personally change your cookie settings through your browser. You may block cookies totally or receive alerts as to when a cookie is being sent. If you choose to block all cookies, it should be understood that users will no longer have full access to the site, meaning purchases may not be completed and certain services will no longer be available.


All computers that use the Internet are given a domain name and an Internet Protocol, or IP, address. This address does not provide any personally identifiable information. The purpose of an IP address is to monitor site traffic and create statistics based off of users’ site visit frequency. The site can only gather personally identifiable information when a visitor/user provides that information.


Purchasing and/or Registering Products or Services


When a user decides to purchase a product from SCA, the user must provide personal information such as name, address, shipping address, email address, etc., in order to process transactions and send notifications on products in transit and future promotional items. The information provided will not be shared with third parties for any reason except otherwise stated in this agreement. Our site uses industry-standard secure shopping via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted servers. Information shared between the user and this site will be rendered indecipherable by any outside parties trying to acquire the information. You will know the site is secure when the web address begins with https.


Disclosure of Information to Outside Third Parties and Special Cases


SCA will never share your personally identifiable information with anyone for any reason except the following:


When the sharing of personal information is required by law or it is in good faith that the action is necessary;

To cooperate with authorities in the investigation of unlawful activities;

To cooperate with a court-ordered subpoena or any other actions required by the court;

To protect the rights of our members and visitors;

To protect the rights of SCA; or

To identify any entities that may be violating the rights of third parties.


SCA may share some non-personal information with advertisers, sponsors and non-affiliated third parties in order to customize the site and enhance customer experience when visiting the site.


SCA takes reasonable measures to secure the privacy of information shared across our site; however, SCA will not be held responsible for errors in the transmission of information, failed security or third parties who make efforts to obtain your information through their own means.


In the event that SCA is purchased by another company, merges with another entity or is involved in a corporate takeover, users’ personal information will be sold or transferred with SCA. SCA will be able to transfer this information without your consent as long as the transferee honors the privacy agreements. You may make a written request to stop the sharing of your personal information by contacting our marketing department.


Links to Other Sites


SCA provides our users with links to other sites in order to enhance their Internet experience. SCA chooses sites that are in line with our ethics and the ethics of our visitors. SCA, however, does not take responsibility for other sites and does not endorse the views or practices of other sites. SCA is not affiliated with or responsible for the privacy practices of sites that are linked to SCA. SCA will never share your personal information with sites that are linked to SCA.


Children’s and Minors’ Online Privacy


SCA complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Websites cannot obtain private information from children under the age of 13 unless approved by the child’s parent. Children are not eligible to receive any products, make any purchases or join any contests or promotions on this site. SCA never knowingly receives or gathers information on anyone under the age of 18. Persons under the age of 18 may not participate in the site. A user must be 18 years of age or older to join SCA and participate in any contests, purchases or special offers. Persons under the age of 18 may only participate in conjunction with the participation of their parent or guardian.


Your Consent to This Privacy Policy


Using this site means all users agree to the terms set forth in this privacy policy. Use of SCA’s site binds all users to this privacy policy and gives user’s consent to being bound by this policy and all terms herein.


Any changes made to this policy shall be posted on this specific page for review. Changes may affect the way SCA shares, discloses or keeps private personal information.


Unless otherwise indicated, all material on this site © 2016 SCA AUCTIONS, LLC. All rights reserved.



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