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Registration is free. Use a valid email address, Facebook account or Google account along with a valid form of ID to register. Choose from two flexible membership options, and then start bidding immediately.

To register with SCA™, sign up for free with a valid email address, Facebook account or Google account. A valid ID will also be needed to register. Once your account has been activated, you can start bidding on vehicles. Account activation takes from 1 to 48 hours.

You can choose from two different memberships: Basic or Premier. Below you can compare our membership types.

Registration Fee
  • Create Watchlist and Saved Searches
  • Buy Now - Instant vehicle purchase
  • Pre-Bid
  • $250 or 5% Transaction fee
  • Minimum Deposit $1000
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Registration Fee
  • Create Watchlist and Saved Searches
  • Buy Now - Instant vehicle purchase
  • Pre Bid
  • $250 Transaction fee
  • Live Bidding
  • Free VIN Checks 10
  • Minimum Deposit $400


Visit our FAQ page for information. 

Search & Bid

Browse our vast inventory. With our exclusive notification tools you can keep track of vehicles you are interested in. Our flexible bidding options allow you to pre-bid, participate in a live auction or purchase a vehicle at a set price through I Buy Fast.

SCA™ has more than 300,000+ vehicles available for purchase. You can search by make, model, year and vehicle type as well as other advanced search parameters such as sale document, vehicle color, engine size, body type, auction date, auction location, odometer reading and much more. 
If you are a Premier member you can preview any vehicle by visiting one of our 170 nationwide auction locations. 
Never miss an opportunity to bid on the perfect vehicle by using our powerful notification tools such as the Watch Lists and Saved Searches. Get notified via email or SMS.

A security deposit is required before you can bid. The minimum deposit of $1000 for Basic members and $400 for Premier.
You can purchase vehicles by placing preliminary bids or buying them using the “I Buy Fast” option. If you are a premier member you can also participate in the live online auctions. 

Visit our FAQ for more information. 


Claim it

Congratulations on the purchase of your vehicle! When your bid has been accepted, an email will be sent immediately with your invoice and instructions for payment. You can claim your vehicle once your payment is received.

Once your bid is recognized as the winning bid, you will receive an email with your invoice and payment instructions. Your invoice will explain all fees and charges, including payment and due dates. Once payment is received and applied, the vehicle(s) can be claimed and shipped.

Visit our FAQ page for information.

Ship it

Ship your vehicle. Shipping can be time consuming and requires a lot of know-how. Let us do it for you. We’ll take care of the hassle so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you.

You can arrange shipping through SCA™. We make arranging shipment easy so you can focus on more important matters.  

After you win your auction, you can add shipping to your order. We provide a car-shipping calculator so you can determine shipping costs both domestically or internationally. You can also submit a custom quote if an immediate quote is not available.

During shipping, you can track your vehicle’s delivery through your account page. SCA™ will send up-to-the-minute emails regarding shipment. Rest assured we deliver vehicles safely and effectively.

Visit our FAQ page for information.

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